Invitation: rescued historic alley near Buchlovice

03.09.2014 Let us kindly invite you for the opening event of a new location within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, carried out by ZO ČSOP Buchlovice, taking place on Sept. 11, 2014. Thanks to the enthusiasm of local people, the historic maple alley was rescued. Visitors can find out more from the newly built information board or have a rest on the new seating place on the way to the Buchlov castle.

New fun trail for children and parents in Zásmuky near Kolín

25.06.2014 In the last week of school, the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) presented the general public with a new educational trail near Kolín, named "Zásmucká Bažantnice" (i.e. the Zásmuky Pheasantry). The two-kilometer circular track around the local game preserve offers five stations, a seating and resting area, and interactive features for children. The trail was created courtesy of the NET4GAS Closer To Nature program, with the support of the town of Zásmuky. "Šestka" (The Six), the Young Conservationists section within the ČSOP, contributed significantly to making the trail a reality.

The secret Lušová Valley shelters rare species

23.06.2014 The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) has a new destination for the public to enjoy excursions and walks in. An information board presents locations in the Moravian Wallachian countryside where orchids grow in the spring and rare butterflies appear in the summer. The NET4GAS Closer to Nature program has also introduced a place to sit by the well at the site. Lušová Valley is located 19 km from Vsetín and can be visited at any time of the year.

Mysterious Fort or Where did Princess Libuše give her prophecy?

23.05.2014 The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (CSOP) has come up with a fresh way of presenting people with a landscape as it takes on new life after having been mined for coal, and familiarizing them with its history as a major archeological site. A new educational trail built at Libušín near Kladno aims to show visitors that a 'fortified settlement' need not translate into a pile of rocks with boring labels that are only of interest to professional historians.

Efforts continue to save rare species at Načeratice Hill

19.05.2014 For three years now, the Beleco interest group has been working on the project “Nature In Green – Management of Sites of Community Importance Affected by Military Activities” on the territory of a one-time tank training area, Načeratický kopec (Načeratice Hill), not far from Znojmo.

New localities in Moravia

24.10.2013 We have opened two new nature spots in Moravia: a bird-watch near Šumperk and a path to sulphurous springs in Zádveřicr-Raková.

St. John’s Rapids Trail Reopens after Comprehensive Restoration!

15.10.2013 The St. John’s Rapids educational trail, once a popular hike not far from Prague, has been resurrected after years of neglect. The completely restored trail was opened to the public on October 15.

New trail leads through jungled alluvial forest

31.08.2013 The new Pňovský luh educational trail was opened to the general public in a festive ceremony on the last Saturday in August. The site can be found near Poděbrady, and, together with the adjacent forests of Veltrubský luh and Libický luh, they form the largest and best-preserved complex of alluvial forests in the Czech Republic. The hiking trail has been enhanced with interactive elements for children, and thus speaks to visitors both great and small.

Umíř lures for romantic bivouac

17.08.2013 Nature lovers and those with a penchant for abandoned places exuding a mysterious atmosphere may put a new item on their bucket list: a new, out-of-the-ordinary educational trail was opened to the public on August 17. Located in a “ghost town” on the border between the administrative regions of Pilsen and Karlovy Vary, it is supplemented by a bivouac shelter, which allows visitors to spend the night before resuming their hike the next day on the trail through the beautiful scenery of the Manětín Hills Nature Reserve.

Cínovec Peat Bogs Return to their Original State

23.07.2013 The DAPHNE Czech Republic Association successfully completed the final phase of the project for the Revitalization of Peat Bogs in the Ore Mountains. As a result of the NET4GAS programme Closer to Nature, the Cínovec vicinity remains an area with the occurrence of a number of other rare species and habitats.

Blšanský chlum Nature Reserve Changing Shape

08.07.2013 Ecologists have completed the entomological monitoring of the “Blšanský chlum” (Blšany Hillock) nature reserve. The uniqueness of the former military training area will be preserved for both biologists and visitors through the project Natura in Green.

Lačnov's saffrons ushered in the spring season

19.04.2013 On these days come and have a look at thousands of saffrons around the Wallachian village Lačnov and welcome the spring season.

Repaired and safe way onto the Ořešník rock

07.10.2012 Hejnice The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (CSOP) with its general partner, NET4GAS, presented, in co-operation with the Jizera Ještěd Mountain Association, already the 54th natural locality within the Closer to Nature programme to the public. The location is called Ořešník and it is a well-known trip destination with an impressive view of the heart of the national nature reserve called the Jizera Mountains Beechwood.

The Bohumilice Alley luring visitors for a nice walk and sit-down

05.10.2012 Bohumilice Another jewel of the Bohemia Forest nature underwent the intervention by experts and is looking for being admired by both visitors and the locals. We are speaking about the Bohumilice Alley, another project that came into existence within the NET4GAS's Closer to Nature programme.

A renovated trip destination at the outskirts of Prague – the Mýto nature trail

27.09.2012 Nedvězí near Prague The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (CSOP) together with its general partner, NET4GAS, presented another nature location to the public. The Mýto nature trail will show visitors around the romantic valley of the Rokytka brook and familiarise them with the reasons for the protection of this hidden piece of nature at the outskirts of Prague.
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