NET4GAS - General Partner of ČSOP

The Czech Republic can boast many beautiful locations. All are homes of rare species of plants and animals and at the same time please the eye and soul of every visitor. Protection of such places and care for them form the core activity of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP). ČSOP strives not only to protect the areas, but also to introduce them to the public in a suitable and sensitive manner, and teach how to behave in them. The best way to the protection does not lead through fences and restrictions, but through the understanding of these precious places, their adoption as something that the municipality or community can pride on.

NET4GAS is historically the first general partner of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. The partnership has pursued a clear and unchanging vision since the collaboration first began in 2007. And that is to present attractive and valuable natural sites to the public, and to use both education and fun as means to raise awareness about the reasons for their protection. Thanks to the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme dozens of interesting sites have been opened to the public. We help to build nature trails, viewpoints, observation posts, or seating areas and playing elements in nature.

Dozens of interesting locations have been made accessible in the past years thanks to the support from the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme. For instance, visitors can get into the centre of marshland or observe fire salamander by the well spring while using wooden pavements, footpaths or bridging for access. These are precisely the places that we would like to introduce through this website.

All the locations made accessible have been described for you so that you could visit them anytime. We gradually add new ones, similarly as the public discovers them.

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