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The trail "Trip Around the World" may be traditional in terms of its layout, but not of its concept. The total of 17 panels along the pond "Svět" (in English: “World”) in Třeboň will captivate your attention, and even more so that of your children.

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Closer to Nature Rounds out its Centenary with a Trail Through the Bohemian Karst's Heart

24.07.2020 18 stations with 3 panels along a 9-km route "Through the Bohemian Karst's Heart" – this is a new educational trail seeking to acquaint visitors with the natural treasures and history of the Karlštejn National Nature Reserve in the Beroun district. The trail also marks a centenary: 100 sites have now been completed within the Closer to Nature programme, a long-standing joint initiative of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation and NET4GAS.

Let us invite you to the 100th location: Through the heart of the Czech Karst

20.07.2020 The new nature trail will take visitors through the most beautiful places of the Karlštejn National Nature Reserve. We will meet on Friday, July 24 at 10 am in the village of Srbsko near Berouna, details can be found in the attached invitation.

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About the project

NET4GAS pursues a responsible policy aimed at protecting nature and the environment with respect to current and future generations. This principle not only underlies the company’s responsible entrepreneurship in gas transmission but is also the basis for its long-term strategy of corporate philanthropy and sponsorship, which has been implemented under the programme NET4GAS Closer to Nature since 2007. NET4GAS has been systematically providing long-term support to projects where a major aspect of sustainable development is expressed by precisely that motto – “Closer to Nature” – and is one of the largest corporate donors in the field of nature conservation in the Czech Republic.

2015 award for a large company
for long-term support of the
Czech Union for Nature Conservation

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Broad-Leaved Marsh Orchid
is an endangered species of Orchidaceae family that probably emerged through crossbreeding of several orchid species (common spotted orchid, early-purple orchid and early-marsh orchid). It is remarkable that this occurred at multiple locations simultaneously. This herb grows up to 60 cm tall. Its stem comprises of bare stalk at whose end purple flowers bloom. Broad-leaved marsh orchid flowers in May and June in lowlands and in the mountains. It grows predominantly in wet to marshy meadows or bogs. This plant is abundant in the CZ.

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