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Trip Around the World

The trail "Trip Around the World" may be traditional in terms of its layout, but not of its concept. The total of 17 panels along the pond "Svět" (in English: “World”) in Třeboň will captivate your attention, and even more so that of your children.

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Management projects of the past year

12.02.2020 The NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme also serves to support management projects: unique practical measures to restore habitats or support certain species. Five such projects were successfully seen through last year and deserve to be given recognition.

New educational trail across volcanic chimneys of Baba (Grandma) and Dědek (Grandpa)

09.11.2019 The densely wooded hilltop named Baba near Mladá Boleslav, which has been a nature reserve since as far back as 1950, may as of today pride itself on having a new educational trail with an interesting concept that is bound to captivate adults and children alike. It was built by the local Klenice chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) within the context of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature Programme and with the support of the town of Kosmonosy.

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About the project

NET4GAS pursues a responsible policy aimed at protecting nature and the environment with respect to current and future generations. This principle not only underlies the company’s responsible entrepreneurship in gas transmission but is also the basis for its long-term strategy of corporate philanthropy and sponsorship, which has been implemented under the programme NET4GAS Closer to Nature since 2007. NET4GAS has been systematically providing long-term support to projects where a major aspect of sustainable development is expressed by precisely that motto – “Closer to Nature” – and is one of the largest corporate donors in the field of nature conservation in the Czech Republic.

2015 award for a large company
for long-term support of the
Czech Union for Nature Conservation

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Pale-Flowered Orchid
A perennial herbaceous plant with two oval corms, at the end of April the orchid bears pale yellow flowers. In the Czech Republic, this is an extremely rare species: it grows only near Strakonice and in the foothills of the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše). This orchid is mostly found in sparse forests, at the edge of the forest, or in thickets.

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