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Semanín Trail

Thanks to the local ČSOP chapter "Podorlicko" and to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, an educational trail was built in 2010 at Semanín (a village not far from Česká Třebová) at the foot of the forest-covered slope of the Kozlov Ridge. This trail transports visitors to a different world. The six-kilometre route, with its ten stations, introduces you to the mysterious realm of the orchids, leads you past the atonement stone, teaches you something about the local geology near the slate mining tunnels, recounts the history of Semanín as a municipality, and makes a detour to the former army shooting range, where many plant and animal species are found today.

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Three new stations pop up along the route of the rejuvenated Cattle Trail

07.06.2019 The Cattle Trail is becoming a major thoroughfare: after last year's festive opening of the first waystation – Banner's Well – today marks the addition of another three: Sedlnice Snowdrops, Roveň Forest, and the Sad Tale of the Old Na Lapači Road. In this manner, the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP), drawing upon the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, has launched a project that will keep it busy for several years, and that focuses on the restoration and unique interpretation of natural and cultural heritage within the corridor known as the Oxen Trail – an ancient pastoral route that centuries ago connected the Krakow area to Vienna.

Welcome to Frogs' Paradise in the Raduň Wetlands

07.06.2019 The Raduň Wetlands, with their system of pools, are found on the northern edge of Raduň, a municipality a few kilometres south of Opava. As little as 15 years ago, it was non-existent – today, it is a vital sanctuary for numerous amphibians and other protected wildlife. How and why the Raduň Wetlands came into existence, and what hidden wildlife treasures can be discovered here, can be gleaned from newly installed info panels and other educational elements, courtesy of the NET4GAS programme Closer to Nature.

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About the project

NET4GAS is both a reliable and safe gas transmission system operator, and at the same time pursues a responsible policy aimed at protecting nature and the environment for future generations. The commercial operations of NET4GAS are very closely connected with the issue of nature conservation, as during both the construction and the operation of its gas infrastructure it must comply with strict environmental standards. In fact, its concern for the natural environment extends even beyond the requirements of legislation, meaning rather a question of corporate social responsibility. It is this principle which underlies the long term strategy of corporate philanthropy and sponsorship which has been implemented under the programme NET4GAS Closer to Nature since 2007.

2015 award for a large company
for long-term support of the
Czech Union for Nature Conservation

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Galium Sudeticum
is a perennial herb that grows only in the Czech Republic and in a small area behind our border with Poland. It grows in mountain low-blade grasses, on the rocks and brashes of basic rocks (basalt, granite, limestone). It blooms in white blossoms from June to July. It is a critically endangered species.

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