Moses Spring – Emperor's Stone

Thanks to the Armillaria chapter of the ČSOP and the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, the ecologically very valuable region between Jablonec nad Nisou and Liberec has as of 2010 its own educational trail, on which hikers learn interesting facts about nature, wildlife, the importance of forest land, and its inhabitants. Visitors may also put their insights and knowledge about nature to the test by answering a number of quiz questions.

The trail, which is 5 km long, begins at the "Moses Spring" (Mojžíšův pramen) restaurant, leads mostly through spruce and pine forest, and takes visitors to the foot of the Emperor's Stone, with its newly restored observation platform. Those who wish to go further from here can do so by following the older Vesecké údolí trail. This part of the region is of peerless beauty and interest, with the Mill's Pond, numerous brooks and stillwater ponds, impenetrable wetlands, and numerous rare plant and animal species.

place:Liberec-Vesec, District of Liberec, Liberec Region
Way there:From the tram stop "Vratislavice nad Nisou - kostel", follow the yellow hiking trail markers for about 2 km to get to the restaurant Mojžíšův pramen. GPS: N 50°43.58575', E 15°5.87998'
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