New information boards at Hrádek in Třebíč

24.10.2017 New information boards will introduce the natural richness of the Hrádek Municipal Park in Třebíč. Come to their public opening on 31 October at 2 pm.

New Educational Trail at Krnov Leads Visitors across Forgotten Kabát's Hill

16.10.2017 Having once been the site of a restaurant for day-trippers, this area later served as military training grounds. Today, Kabát's Hill in Krnov again primarily belongs to Mother Nature, under the tireless stewardship (for the past eighteen years!) of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, i.e. more specifically, the members of the local chapter Levrekův ostrov.

Invitation to Krnov

09.10.2017 Come with us on Monday, October 16, at 2 pm and open with us the 84th Closer to Nature location, a new nature Trail Krnov Horky - Kabátův kopec.

Vrábl's pastures – A History of Human Coexistence with Nature in the Mountains

30.09.2017 "Out here, life's no walk in the park – but it's worth living" – says Radomíra Kostuchová, breeder of the rare Hucul horse, and inhabitant, as she describes what living on the land entails. Hers is a magical place, with an intriguing history and invaluable natural treasures. That is why the ČSOP conservationists decided to showcase it to visitors: along with the help of locals, they have created an attractive new educational trail, which marks the 83rd site within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

Opening ceremony of Vráblovy Paseky educational trail

25.09.2017 The North Moravian Regional Association of ČSOP in Valašské Meziříčí cordially invites you to the official opening of the educational trail Vráblovy Paseky made accessible thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature program, which will take place on Saturday 30 September.

Art competition "Paint and be Closer to Nature" again compels more than a hundred pupils to venture into the great outdoors

18.09.2017 This year has seen what is already the sixth instalment of the art competition "Paint and Be Closer to Nature", which NET4GAS organises for children in collaboration with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP). At the beginning of the new school year, the authors of the winning entries in the three age categories, along with their classmates and their form teachers, embarked on a guided excursion into nature or visited a sanctuary for injured wildlife.

Solvay Quarry on Ještěd Ridge – Journey from Mining to Nature

15.06.2017 Inquisitive tourists and well-informed locals may already have noticed that a new signpost has recently sprung up above the Křižany train station, along the trail to St. Christopher's Chapel, to show the way to the Solvay Quarry – a limestone quarry that has long been forgotten by most. This has changed thanks to the loving care of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation and the considerable support from the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme: the site is newly accessible to the general public.

Invitation to educational stops of Křižany - Solvay Quarry

08.06.2017 Basic organization of ČSOP by the Protected Landscape Area of the Jizera Mountains invites you to the ceremonial opening of the 82nd Closet to Nature site at the Solvay Quarry above Křižany, where very interesting educational stops were created, together with a seating and a beautiful view of the landscape.

Yet another bird-watching platform sees the light of the day

31.05.2017 At a loss as to where to go to unwind? We recommend seeking out a spot of nature. If you happen to be near Svitavy, pack your binoculars and check out “Dolní rybník” (the Lower Pond), where a new bird-watching platform has been built. We're confident that luck will smile upon you and you'll get to see captivating avian pond dwellers from the lookout point. Another NET4GAS Closer to Nature site (the first this year, and the 81st on an estimable and growing list) has come to be!

Invitation to new observation post in Svitavy

25.05.2017 Let us invite you to the opening ceremony of this year's first location, a new ornithological observation post on the Dolní rybník pond in Svitavy. It will be the 81st location opened within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme. The event will take place on Wednesday 31 May from 2 pm. The meeting point is at the observation post, you can find GPS coordinates in the invitation.

Support the Closer to Nature programme in VIA BONA award vote

18.04.2017 With your vote, you can support the Closer to Nature programme in the VIA BONA anniversary award in the "Good Company" category at

NET4GAS Closer to Nature Program celebrates ten-year anniversary

27.03.2017 In collaboration with the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, NET4GAS has made 80 sites of nature across the entire Czech Republic available to the public, with more than 600 accompanying features.

80th site within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme opened

16.12.2016 Nature conservationists have opened the 80th nature site within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme - the interactive trail Dry Feet through Water in the Chrudim region

Open the "Dry feet through water" trail with us

09.12.2016 Let us kindly invite you to the opening of the 80th Closer to Nature location, the nature trail "Dry feet through water", on Friday December 16 at 11:00 AM at the Animal rescue center Pasíčka in Chrudim, near Skuteč (GPS: 49.8165217N, 16.1125181E).

Conservationists Spiff up Hruboskalsko Educational Trail

24.10.2016 The trail, taken by thousands of visitors every year, was bound to reach the end of its service life and require repair. The members of the local "Bukovina" chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) took charge of a comprehensive refurbishment project, and thanks to the financial support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, were able to make sure that the educational trail will serve future visitors for years to come.
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