New trail leads through jungled alluvial forest

The new Pňovský luh educational trail was opened to the general public in a festive ceremony on the last Saturday in August. The site can be found near Poděbrady, and, together with the adjacent forests of Veltrubský luh and Libický luh, they form the largest and best-preserved complex of alluvial forests in the Czech Republic. The hiking trail has been enhanced with interactive elements for children, and thus speaks to visitors both great and small.

The educational trail leads the inquisitive hiker through burgeoning vegetation in places reminiscent of a primeval forest, with numerous ancient trees and countless insects, birds, and forest flowers. Those who venture along the trail also get to see a number of still backwaters, which are the remnants of the old riverbed before the Labe (Elbe) was reigned in by 19th century regulation. The pools are home to many amphibian species. In spring, one comes across “mats” of purple corydalis, yellow lesser celandine, and white anemone. In summer, the banks of the Labe river are thick with water lily and broad-leaf arrowhead flowers. In summers abundant with rain, parts of the forest may turn into impenetrable jungles, full of small bogs and vines, and teeming with insect life.

The veiled beauty of this spot was brought to wider attention on the website of the Closer To Nature program by Hana Rampírová, a Pňov local. “I am so glad that this project could be implemented. In the beginning, it seemed just a crazy idea, but in cooperation with the local Elbe Valley chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP), it has become a reality. To put it simply, it is a great pleasure to see that dreams can come true,” commented Rampírová.

“For no less than seven years, we have worked in partnership with the ČSOP, which has allowed us to make 58 unique natural landmarks accessible to the general public. In choosing which projects to support, we are always guided by the desire to motivate people in an entertaining, yet instructive manner to go out and explore nature. I wish the new trail many considerate and curious visitors,” said Zuzana Kučerová, Promotion Specialist at NET4GAS. Luboš Vaněk, the president of the local (Elbe Valley) chapter of the ČSOP, added: “The trail communicates the rich history, flora and fauna that is to be found here to locals and tourists alike. Taking a walk through the alluvial forest in full bloom, or venturing into the overgrown primeval forest in summer must make the heart beat faster with excitement in anyone who has an adventurous streak in them.”

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New trail leads through jungled alluvial forest