Pňov Mead

The Pňov Mead (Pňovský luh), along with the nearby forests of Veltrubský luh and Libický luh, form the largest and best-preserved complex of alluvial forests in the Czech Republic. The educational trail leads the inquisitive hiker through burgeoning vegetation in places reminiscent of a primeval forest, with numerous ancient trees and countless birds and forest flowers. Those who venture along the trail also have the opportunity to see a number of still backwaters, which are the remnants of the old riverbed before the Labe (Elbe) was reigned in by 19th century regulation. The pools are home to many amphibian species.

In spring, one comes across “mats” of purple corydalis, yellow lesser celandine, and white anemone. In summer, the banks of the Elbe River are thick with water lily and broad-leaf arrowhead flowers. In summers abundant with rain, parts of the forest may turn into impenetrable jungles, full of small bogs and vines, and teeming with insect life.

The 8.5-km (circular) route, which was built in 2013 by the Elbe Valley chapter of the ČSOP with the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, has 11 stations. Benches along the trail make for an ideal resting area, while kids may try their hand at, among other attractions, a wooden maze or a puzzle. A section of the educational trail is open to cyclists (who can then get on the Elbe River Cycle Route at Oseček).

place:Pňov-Předhradí, District of Kolín, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:The trail begins at the pond in Předhradí (at the end of Sportovní Street). A free parking lot is right next to the pond. GPS: 50°5'33.182"N, 15°9'6.447"E.
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