The secret Lušová Valley shelters rare species

The Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) has a new destination for the public to enjoy excursions and walks in. An information board presents locations in the Moravian Wallachian countryside where orchids grow in the spring and rare butterflies appear in the summer. The NET4GAS Closer to Nature program has also introduced a place to sit by the well at the site. Lušová Valley is located 19 km from Vsetín and can be visited at any time of the year.

"We wanted to showcase this Moravian Wallachian countryside on the border of Halenkov and Nový Hrozenkov to locals and tourists from further afield. We also wanted to show that the people here who are still small-scale farmers are maintaining natural resources both for us and for future generations. This daunting work has resulted in diverse woodlands, fragrant meadows and cultivated grasslands, establishing conditions suitable for a large family of flora and fauna," says Jiří Pavelka, Chairman of ČSOP Orchidea Wallachia. 

Lušová Valley is an example of a very well-preserved fragment of the Carpathian pastoral landscape. The new information board contains educational passages and photographs of the landscape from the past and present. As a result, it documents major changes in the landscape over the last few decades. It also presents several species of animals and plants that are dependent on the continuous, but considerate, maintenance of the Carpathian pastures and meadows for their survival. These include the western marsh orchid and butterflies such as the Large Blue, which needs rich Thymus vegetation and then the follow-up care of ants, including grazed meadows. Another endangered representative is the Scotch Argus, which cannot be found anywhere in Moravia other than in this valley. It seeks out forest meadows, but these too are disappearing. If this continues, our countryside will also lose this species of butterfly.

"Failing to protect natural resources, such as Lušová Valley, would result in an irreplaceable loss. Therefore, we are pleased that, with our financial assistance, the guardians at ČSOP Orchidea Wallachia have made this beautiful corner of the country a bit more accessible to the public," says Zuzana Kučerová, who is in charge of the Closer to Nature program at NET4GAS.
A wooden bench has been installed next to the information board. Together with the well-maintained well, this is a pleasant place to rest and learn for locals and tourists alike.

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The secret Lušová Valley shelters rare species