Lušová Valley

Lušová Valley is a fine example of a well-preserved fragment of Carpathian pasture land. In some areas, the local people still live off the land in smallholdings. Backbreaking as their work may be, it also preserves the wealth of nature for future generations. An info panel informs visitors of the sweeping changes that have affected this landscape over the past few decades.

It also presents a number of animal and plant species whose existence crucially depends on the continued low-impact husbandry of the Carpathian pastures and meadows (namely, butterflies and orchids). Thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, the local Orchidea Valašsko chapter of the ČSOP was able to install a wooden bench next to the info panel in 2014; along with the nearby well-kempt fountain, the bench makes for a pleasant place for relaxation (and possibly edification) for locals, cyclists, and hikers.

place:Lušová, District of Vsetín, Zlín Region
Way there:The site is about 5 km from the train station Nový Hrozenkov, and not quite 4 km from the junction on the main road 487 when one leaves Halenkov. GPS: N 49°21.29395', E 18°9.08385'
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Endangered plants:

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