Boršov Meadows

The Boršov Meadows represent a well-preserved example of the type of biotope known as alluvial meadows.

They span the floodplains of the Kyjovka River near Boršov, a part of the town of Kyjov. Aside from the alluvial meadows proper, an important biotope which forms an island of biodiversity in the midst of heavily cultivated farmland, the ‘Small Meadows’ and ‘Rough Meadows’ on the banks of the Kyjovka River are also home to an orchard with tall-growing apple and pear trees. A similarly fecund meadow nearby did not survive, its turf all ploughed-up. The location is a refuge to invertebrates, amphibians, and birds. A floristic survey found more than 120 plant species on the Boršov Meadows.

The herbal vegetation consists of oatgrass, preserved in those regularly scythed parts. Out on the meadows, we find Queen Anne's thistle, tufted vetch, and fall dandelion. In recent years, one may also encounter such species as ox-eye daisy, ragged-robin, and bishop's wort. Finally, the location is also home to hundreds of butterfly species. Among the better-known species, we might mention certain types of anglewing butterflies (nymphalis), such as the small tortoiseshell or the 'comma', so named because of the characteristic mark on the underside of its hindwings. One of the moth species seen here is the pale-bridled beauty whose males can in fact be spotted in winter between dancing snowflakes.

The Boršov Meadows can be newly explored on an educational trail, complete with three info panels that contain fun facts from local nature and history and point to endemic bird species. (In the latter case, the panel is fitted with a large classic bird feeder and seating facilities.) The trail features additional resting places with benches and tables, and one of the stations is adorned by a refurbished totem.

place:Boršov, District Hodonín, South Moravian Region
Way there:The entrance to the area is located at the turn-off from Za Humny Street (49.0294069N, 17.1238253E), and the area is also reachable by bicycle on the Kyjov - Bohuslavice - Mouchnice cycle path.
Practical information:

Endangered plants:

Moth Mullein
Author: Jan Moravec
Yellow Iris
Author: Jan Moravec

Endangered animals:

Red-backed Shrike
Author: Martina Kišelová
syrian woodpecker
syrian woodpecker