Through Landscape of Floods

The educational trail "Through Landscape of Floods” is set within the floodplains of the Oder River, at the southernmost end of the protected landscape area of Poodří / Oder Valley. It leads through a territory of unique interest in terms of its geomorphological, hydrological, and biological qualities - a fact that is borne out by, among other things, the multiple categories of protected territory under which the site enjoys protection (i.e. three to four different regimes).

The topics addressed by the nine stations along the trail are highly diverse indeed; the idea is to construe the aquatic system and the activities (cultivation, land use) by human beings as the two basic, complementary prerequisites for preserving the biodiversity of the local landscape. Along its 4.5 km track, the trail teaches curious hikers in an entertaining and playful way about the local nature, which several times each year completely submits to the rule of the element of water. Info panels tell the visitor about the past and present of the floodplains and their powerful mistress - the Oder River, known among other things for their role in protecting the greater Ostrava area from floods. Each station uses straightforward stories and curious facts to describe the individual habitats and protected species, often within the positive context of human economic activity. The educational and fun value of the stations is further enhanced by relevant play installations.

The educational trail "Through landscape of floods" was built by the local Studénka chapter of ČSOP in 2014, drawing upon the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Jeseník nad Odrou / Suchdol nad Odrou, Nový Jičín District, Moravian-Silesian Region
Way there:There are two possible departure points for one's excursion - in Jeseník nad Odrou, or in Suchdol nad Odrou (train station), GPS: N 49°37.26840', E 17°54.76990'
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