Wandering through the Tišice Landscape

The restored trail takes visitors through various corners of the Elbe River, the natural monument of Jiřina and Polabí u Kostelce.

The nearly 7-kilometre-long trail has been built by the local Koniklec chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (ČSOP) within the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme in 2020. Pupils from the Tišice primary school also took part in the creation of this educational trail, and it could therefore be said that it is a gift from children to children.

The first nature trail in the area was created in 2017, when the pupils of the Tišice primary school produced 12 handwritten and hand-drawn boards, modest in size, on the occasion of Earth Day celebrations, and placed them on a circuit passing through the landscape in the immediate vicinity of the local Tišice part of Kozly. However, time and bad weather took their toll on these boards, and thus the existing small boards had to be replaced with new, larger and more durable ones after three years. 

The trail touches two specially protected areas: the natural monument of Jiřina, where the remains of the original alluvial forest are protected, and the natural monument of Polabí u Kostelce, with the preserved remains of cut-off meanders of the Elbe River. On eight stands, thirteen info panels adhere as closely as possible to the themes as proposed and elaborated by the children three years ago. In their new form, they merely enhance and supplement the original content. One extra panel was added to the original twelve, exploring the topic of the aquatic birds that can be spotted on the surface of the Elbe River.

Along the trail “Wandering through the Tišice Landscape”, you are taken on a playful journey that teaches you about the fate of memorial trees, about the remarkable buildings in the area, about meanders and oxbow lakes, fowl endemic to the area, the phenomenon of alluvial forests, and about the wildlife found in a pond. At the end of the trail, you can test your memory with a quiz.

place:Tišice, Mělník District, Central-Bohemian Region
Way there:The first and last information panels are located in Kozly near the chapel; GPS: 50.2556233N, 14.5597622E
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Yellow Water Lily
Yellow Water Lily

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