Ořešník (800 m ASL) is a landmark rock two kilometres outside Hejnice in the Liberec Region, and one of the most prominent observation points from which the heartland of the national nature reserve "Jizerskohorské bučiny" (Mixed Beech Forests of the Jizera Mountains) can be seen, with a sweeping panorama of Frýdlant, Hejnice, Smrk, Ptačí vrchy and Poledník. Stairs have been hewn into the rock so you can climb to the top, where a cross has been erected.

Thanks to the ČSOP and the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, it was possible to restore the railings, the rock stairs, and the drainage conduit in 2012. The access road to the top has thus become safer for day-trippers; in addition, it has been fitted with benches at scenic points that provide some rest, and with an information panel. The site is not only popular among hikers from far and wide, but has also attracted bird species and endangered plants, such as the herb known as Perennial Honesty.

place:Hejnice, District of Liberec, Liberec Region
Way there:Follow the red hiking trail markers from Hejnice. GPS: N 50°51.58660', E 15°11.43038'
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Endangered plants:

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Eurasian Pygmy Ow
Eurasian Pygmy Ow