Chlum lies near the district capital Mladá Boleslav, and is a popular destination for long walks and outdoor recreation. The site is unique, in particular, because of its wealth of natural sights and archaeological monuments, such as the occurrence of rare and protected plant and animal species, ancient fortifications, castle remnants, and Slavic burial-mounds.

The local heritage is captured on 10 educational panels and in interactive play elements, and via QR codes in the virtual realm of the Internet. The trail is primarily designed for families with children, but also for elementary and secondary schools from far and wide, including those in Prague.

place:Nepřevázka, District of Mladá Boleslav, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:500 m from the Nepřevázka train station, and 50 m from the Nepřevázka bus stop. The first trail marker is located across the way from the restaurant Na Stodole. Parking is available in front of the restaurant. Part of the route from Nepřevázka is bike-friendly. Another alternative for those on foot is to walk 4km from the train and bus terminal in Mladá Boleslav, following the red or blue hiking trail markers leading away from the city centre. GPS: N 50°22.64720', E 14°54.91487'
Practical information:
Playing elements

Endangered plants:

Lesser Butterfly-Orchid
Lesser Butterfly-Orchid

Endangered animals: