Lower Pond Bird-Watching Spot

This bird-watching spot allows visitors to gain first-hand experience with the bird species living on the Lower Pond on the northern edge of Svitavy – especially waterfowl and marshland dwellers, to whom this site is an important regional habitat.

The system of ponds in question – Lower and Upper, on maps also sometimes referred to as "Svitavský" and "Rosnička" – is located on the north-western edge of the town of Svitavy within its recreational district. Today, the Svitavy ponds are among the most relevant elements of nature within the greater Svitavy region, and it is here that we find a host of interesting and rare species, particularly those whose lives are tied to a watery or wetland environment.

The fact that 224 different bird species have been recorded in the area of these fish ponds and their immediate surroundings since 1954, about half of which are aquatic and marsh birds, was a strong impetus for local conservationists to build an ornithological observation platform. Its location was chosen such that the visitors' gaze naturally falls on those places where birds are most likely to dwell. Visitors can also find out more about the local avian fauna from the info panel erected right on the bird-watching platform. 

For instance, the western marsh harrier, water rail, Eurasian reed warbler, Savi's warbler, common reed bunting and penduline tit all build their nests here. During times of migration or transit, even very rare species can be spotted here, among them, e.g. the purple heron, Eurasian bittern, little bittern and common crane, as well as various birds of prey, such as the sea eagle, red kite and osprey.

The bird-watching platform, including info panel and access plankway, was built in 2017 by the local ČSOP chapter 'Rybák Svitavy' with the help of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Svitavy, Pardubice Region
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Author: Jan Moravec

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