Vesec Valley

The Vesec Valley educational trail is found on the southeastern outskirts of Liberec. The 2.3 km circular trail takes visitors to the Vesec pond and showcases the local floodplain, bog meadows, peat bog, and part of the "Luční potok", a brook of Community importance.

Seven stations along the way provide insights into the peerless natural wealth of the site, where more than 400 plant species, 250 inspect species, and over 100 different kinds of vertebrates can be found. In the immediate vicinity of a major city, visitors thus have the unique opportunity to spot countless rare plants and animals - such as the Kingfisher or various kinds of newts - in their natural environment.

Thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, in 2015, the local "Armillaria" chapter of the ČSOP was able to build, in addition to the aforementioned seven info panels (which include QR codes), a new boardwalk and two footbridges. The trail is thus once again safe and walkable, even when the weather is rainy. 

place:Liberec, District of Liberec, Liberec Region
Way there:Liberec public transport, stop: Jeřmanická; GPS: N 50°44.40000', E 15°4.26667'
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