The traprock mountain Vladař is a dominant landmark of the Teplá Highlands. Atop this mesa (693 m ASL), one finds the remnants of a one-of-a-kind Celtic hill fort, which has in recent years been the subject of active archaeological research. Vladař Mountain is not only in a privileged location, but above all boasts unique orchid meadows - outstanding, among other reasons, for being the last known site at which the Green-Winged Orchid occurs in the Karlovy Vary region.


Even though the Green-Winged Orchid was once among the most common wild orchids in our country, it is a critically endangered plant today. But a few remaining specimens cling to life in the shadow of Vladař Mountain. Come to see this rare orchid species for yourself, and you will understand why the conservation effort matters.

Nine info panels along the red hiking path from the hamlet of Vladořice to the top of the majestic mountain tell you more about the Vladař nature reserve, its history and the pertinent archaeological research, and avian and floral wildlife in the vicinity.


place:Vladořice, District of Karlovy Vary, Karlovy Vary Region
Way there:Coming from Vladořice, follow the red hiking trail markers to the top of Vladař. GPS: N 50°4.41480', E 13°12.60987'
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Endangered plants:

Lesser Butterfly-Orchid
Lesser Butterfly-Orchid

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