Path through the Reeds

The Rose's Quarry is one of the first limestone quarries renatured while adhering to nature friendly methods. The local reeds through which the new path leads grow up to 3 meters heigh and are one of only a few concentrated reed sites far and wide.

For most inhabitants of Brno, the "Růženin lom" (Rose's Quarry) is a household term. It is home to a number of different habitats – lakes, wetlands, steppe heaths, shrubbery and rubble slopes. Thanks to the careful renaturation based upon natural processes, we now find the denizens of wetlands, steppe and rocky slopes within the narrow confines of this modestly-sized limestone quarry. The bewildering diversity of habitats in a single spot of nature makes this place a paradise for many endangered species of plants and animals, but also a feast for the eyes.

The Path is a one hundred and sixty-metre long journey along gravel trails and wooden planks, snaking through the high stands of reed above the water. However, the essence of the new attraction is not merely the walkway, but the opportunity to watch local animals hiding behind the reedy curtains. Their tracks have been burnt into the planked walkway to guide you along your way.  At the end of a cul-de-sac, there is a viewpoint from where to observe what is going on and around the lake.  An information panel tells you which animals have walked the same trails.

place:Brno, South Moravian Region
Way there:The site is accessible by foot following the yellow hiking trail from Velká Klajdovka, which segues into the "Hádecké lomy" educational trail that leads you directly to the Path through the Reeds. GPS: 49.2167356N, 16.6723700E
Practical information:

170 m


Endangered plants:

Variegated Horsetail
Author: Jan Moravec

Endangered animals: