Načeratice Hill

Načeratice Hill is a former training ground for armoured tanks, which was used by the army until 1989. At an elevation of 290 m ASL, it can be reached conveniently by locals and tourists alike. Nonetheless a commanding presence within the landscape, with its ridge of ten hilltops separated by shallow valley plateaus on a very gentle incline, Načeratice Hill has several spots with scenic views of the surroundings, for example, over the town of Znojmo or the Dyje River Valley.

Thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, and within the framework of a project entitled "Natura in Green - Management of Europe's Special Areas of Conservation Influenced by Former Military Activities", the Beleco Society has been working in the area since 2012 to protect plants and animals that are, for the most part, on red lists of endangered species. Owing in particular to its unique character and the presence of rare species, the natural monument Načeratice Hill is one of Europe’s special areas of conservation (as part of Natura 2000). The site is a peaceful destination and ideal for walks for families with children.

Another site on which the project "Natura in Green" is being implemented is Blšany Hillock near Louny.

place:Znojmo, South Moravian Region
Way there:Coming from Oblekovice, follow the field road that leads southeast from the village chapel. GPS: 48°49'48.126"N, 16°5'50.237"E
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