Hloučela Biocorridor

The Hloučela Brook and the forest park on its banks form a single unbroken strip of natural green on the outskirts of the City of Prostějov. They thus serve as a biocorridor for plants and animals, and at the same time as a place of recreation for city-dwellers.

The Hloučela biocorridor boasts a number of interesting natural sights. The most important of them are described on the info panels along the educational trail, which was built in 2007 thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Prostějov, District of Prostějov, Olomouc Region
Way there:The first panel of the educational trail is installed at the intersection of Olomoucká Street and the Hloučela Brook (on the Prostějov–Olšany route). The Greenways Kraków-Morava-Wien hiking and cycling trail runs along the bank of the Hloučela. GPS: N 49°28.89252', E 17°7.17155'
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