Choryně Sentinel

The three-kilometre Choryně Sentinel educational trail, with its seven stations, leads visitors from Choryně to the Juhyně River, a bird-watching platform on the banks of the Bečva, a flowering meadow, but also a bedrock outcropping with precious paleontological and geological findings exposed by the 1997 floods.

The 8-hectare site known as "Choryňská stráž" (Choryně Sentinel) was declared a natural reserve in 1999. On the southern and south-eastern slope, with its extensive orchard (of mostly cherry trees), flowering meadows have been preserved, which, complemented by an oak grove and hornbeam stands, are home to numerous species of heat-loving plants and insects. Here, we find three orchid species, broomrape species, and various plants that are not actually that uncommon, but have been given rather exotic names: Saw-leaved Speedwell, Arum cylindraceum and Peucedanum cervaria. The old cherry orchard, in turn, has proven to be the ideal habitat for one of our most stunningly beautiful beetles - Anthaxia candens, or the Glowing Jewel Beetle. A bird-watching platform has been built on the banks of the Bečva River and allows visitors to take a peek into the lives of birds and other animals, such as the Common Kingfisher, the European Otter and the European Beaver. 

The local Choryňská stráž chapter of the ČSOP was able to build this educational trail of the same name in 2015 thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Choryně, Vsetín District, Zlín Region
Way there:The starting point of the educational trail lies in the Municipality of Choryně near the parking lot. GPS: N 49°29.79555', E 17°53.82522'
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