Velký Košíř

Velký Košíř is among the oldest fish ponds in East Bohemia. But its age is not the only interesting aspect about it: avian wildlife, in particular, has taken a liking to the shores of Velký Košíř, turning it into a major site of ornithological importance.

That the shore communities have well matured can be seen from the latest census, which recorded altogether 179 different bird species, almost a third of which nest here. Even the casual visitor easily notices many of them, but others require a bit of stealth before you spot them. While birds are the most conspicuous inhabitants of the pond, you can also observe many other animal species here, such as amphibians, insects, and bats. The educational trail was built by the Litomyšl chapter of the ČSOP in 2008 with the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Litomyšl, District of Svitavy, Pardubice Region
Way there:The educational trail begins on the embankment of the Velký Košíř pond. Follow the road to Litomyšl from the train station Litomyšl-Nedošín. GPS: N 49°52.99675', E 16°17.14957'
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