Borek Pools

The Borek Pools educational wetlands are comprised of four small pools and one big pool, created for amphibians and other species endemic to this biotope.

The members of the Bernartice chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation first put their spades to the uncultivated marshes between two larger bodies of water to dig a pool in 2019. Despite the dry summer that year, it took only a few days for water to fill the pool all on its own, following which pool frogs, dragonflies, and other living beings immediately took up residence. In 2020, the conservationists then built one bigger pool, big enough to benefit aquatic birds that live on smaller bodies of water. 

A 17 m long timber trackway leads out to one of the smaller pools, and straight across the surface of the water. On the edge of the meadow, you’ll find a bench on which to rest your weary feet, but also to listen to frogs and birds. A nursery for amphibians was built, with access to an underground hibernation burrow and to a nearby stone wall. Members from the order of beetles are not the only ones to profit from a beetle hotel, built of logs from a number of varieties of timber. Birds such as robins or wrens will be pleased to find a bower made of piles of branches and twigs and pieces of wood. And everything that can be seen here is explained on information panels for the inquisitive. Those with visual impairments can take a reading of the site by touching models of frog eggs, tadpoles, and frogs, supplemented by captions in Braille. An interactive toy in the form of a memory game starring our animals and birds awaits our younger visitors, who may also walk over to a neighbouring installation of wood beams to put together jigsaw images of frogs, newts, snakes, lizards, and dragonflies.

place:Borek u Tachova, Tachov District, Pilsen Region
Way there:Follow the unpaved trail from the embankment of the Velký Borek, a local fishpond, along the trail markers starting at Road No. 195, which leads from Borek to Stráž. GPS: 49.6432992N, 12.7673575E
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Grass Frog
Grass Frog
Marsh Frog
Marsh Frog