Water World

Thanks to the educational trail "Water World", visitors to the "Český les" (Bohemian Forest) Protected Landscape Area have the opportunity to discover the unique wildlife that is at home at forest ponds. The trail leads visitors to a quaint corner of the woods, which since time immemorial has been known under the name "Na Kolmu". With a bit of luck, they may get to see the beaver family that lives here, not far from Lesná near Tachov.

The said fish ponds, which were established at the beginning of the 20th century by the last owner of Lesná Manor with the idea of growing trout, but which have long been abandoned, are now refuge for a number of rare amphibian animals which reproduce here in large numbers. The shores of the ponds have been taken over by pioneer woods (aspen and willow), and in 2005 attracted the attention of our largest domestic rodent: the endangered European beaver. With these natural values in mind, the territory was declared a natural monument in 2012.

The circular educational trail, built in 2010 by ČSOP Sylva Lunae thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, is almost 2 km long and familiarises visitors with the life of aquatic animals. It also gives visitors the opportunity to watch these animals in their natural habitat. Those who are patient may even be able to take a peek into the life of the local beaver family from the hidden observation spot.

place:Lesná, District of Tachov, Pilsen Region
Way there:Follow the blue hiking trail markers from Lesná for about 2 km, and then walk along the Lesná educational trail. GPS: N 49°43.68615', E 12°32.71143'
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