Around Vřesina

The surroundings of Vřesina are an entomological, botanical, and ornithological treasure trove. For instance, about 60 different bird species have been recorded at the site, among them the Tawny Owl, the Eurasian Hobby, and the Eurasian Golden Oriole. The educational trail, which is ideal for grown-ups and children alike, leads through the Dařenec nature reserve, and from there through an avenue lined with fruit trees and to a forest spring.

The spring is very popular among people in the greater area of Vřesina, who actually travel here to sample the water. Hidden in the forest bog lies the source of the Bečva Brook.

Also along the trail stands the Machtilda (or Mechtilde) Oak, a mighty tree of more than five hundred years that features in a number of folk legends. The precious tree was named after the grandchild of Empress Maria Theresia, Countess Mechtilde Zinnenberg Lichnowsky. Near the roots of the tree lies a large irregular boulder from Swedish granite (i.e. a boulder that was carried here by glaciers during the Ice Age), into which the name of the tree – Mechtilden Eiche – has been carved.

In 2011, the ČSOP erected six large info panels, two small info panels, markers and signposts, a double bench and table (near the spring), and wooden stairs and railings at the site, with the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Vřesina, District of Opava, Moravian-Silesian Region
Way there:The trail begins at the north-eastern edge of Vřesina, near the public swimming pool. GPS: N 49°56.99030', E 18°12.30077'
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