Vidžín – Telecí potok

The route of this experiential learning trail familiarises visitors with the nature of the Teplá Highlands around Vidžín and the Teplá Stream. The scenic character of the Teplá Highlands is owed to its combination of a flat peneplain, the river gorges of the tributaries of the Úterý Stream, and the summits of Tertiary neo-volcanic mountains. From those in the more immediate vicinity, we ought to mention above all Stěnský vrch (762 m ASL), Špičák (727 m ASL), Třebouňský vrch (824 m ASL), Branišovský vrch (813 m ASL) and Sepuska (719 m ASL).

Within the context of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, ČSOP Berkut in 2012 restored the wellspring from which Dřevohryzy mineral water used to flow and refresh the local farm workers and pilgrims on their pilgrimage. Before that, the spring, as well as the abandoned village of the same name, had faded into obscurity. Six information panels have been erected here, and Czech Hiking Club trail markers are now installed to guide hikers, as the route is interconnected with other educational trails and cycling trails in the vicinity.

place:Úterý (a part of the town of Vidžín), District of Plzeň-sever, Pilsen Region
Way there:Go from Vidžín in the direction of Teplá. GPS: N 49°58.07425', E 12°58.41822'
Practical information:

Endangered plants:

Globeflower (Trollius altissimus)
Globeflower (Trollius altissimus)

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