Sudslavice Circuit

33 years ago, one of the oldest educational trails in the Bohemian Forest, which is still maintained to this day, was created at the Opolenec nature reserve on the right bank of the Volyňka River near the town of Vimperk. Thanks to the ČSOP Šumava chapter and the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, the trail underwent extensive reconstruction work in 2010 and now welcomes visitors with 15 new info panels and forest furniture, such as wooden benches, railings, pasture crossings, and a lectern bearing the summit register.

Among the highlights of the trail are the Sudslavice Linden Tree (a heritage tree) and the Sudslavice Cave, which is of paleontological interest. In spring, the meadows are flush with orchid blossoms, and in autumn you can find Bohemian Gentian. The trail is interactive: visitors big and small will enjoy, for example, a quiz that involves guessing distances in nature.

place:Vimperk, District of Prachatice, South Bohemian Region
Way there:From the Sudslavice Linden Tree near the Vanický Mill 5 km north of Vimperk, along the right bank of the Volyňka River. The bus stop Vimperk, Sudslavice is nearby. GPS: N 49°5.21040', E 13°47.68275'
Practical information:
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Endangered plants:

Lesser Butterfly-Orchid
Lesser Butterfly-Orchid

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