Shooting Range Trail

A trail in a beautiful setting for pleasant walks on the northwestern outskirts of Šluknov, presenting the small Wenisch Pond, wetlands and alluvial meadows, as well as the memorial oak on the grounds of a former shooting range, from which the entire trail takes its name.

Local flora and fauna are composed of rather common species, but the discerning visitor may spot protected kingfishers, toads and salamanders. Remnants of firing positions and backstops can be spotted across the site to this day, and visitors both big and small are invited, by means of interactive elements along the trail, to estimate the distance to the given targets scattered across the former shooting range. 

Even waterlogged parts of the terrain can be crossed safely and dry-shod thanks to the newly-built footbridge and corduroy path. The trail can comfortably be used by families with children in strollers or by handicapped people with a companion. At the end of the trail, where a 300-year-old oak tree stands, visitors can rest under the roof of a gazebo.

The Shooting Range trail was built in 2015 by the local ČSOP chapter (which is associated with the Šluknov School of Forestry), within the context of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature program.


place:Šluknov, District of Děčín, Ústí Region
Way there:Coming from Šluknov, follow the blue hiking trail on foot or cycling trail 3043 by bike. GPS: 51.0094981N, 14.4694756E
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