The "Podkovák" (Horse Shoe) is among the finest peat bogs in the Český les Protected Landscape Area. This territory, which has remained almost completely untouched by human activity, lies about 2.5 km outside Lesná near Tachov. Peat bogs are extreme habitats in which primarily those plants survive that tolerate poorly oxygenated, highly acidic soil.

A footpath made of wooden planks was erected by the ČSOP Sylva Lunae chapter in 2009 with the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, which leads visitors into the heart of the peat bog. Info panels along the path illustrate the flora found inside the peat bog, and the footprints of animals that you can encounter here have been engraved in the footpath. At the end point, visitors can take a rest in the covered seating area (fitted with yet another information panel).

place:Lesná, District of Tachov, Pilsen Region
Way there:Coming from Lesná, follow the road in the direction of Stará knížecí huť, and turn left after one kilometre onto the (paved) cycling trail, to find Podkovák on your left. GPS: N 49°44.18028', E 12°31.34310'
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