The Mýto educational trail leads through one of the most beautiful parts of nature on the southeastern outskirts of the capital city. Just shy of 18 hectares in size, the Mýto nature reserve nonetheless offers natural grove vegetation full of spring flowers, alluvial meadows, ancient willow trees, and abandoned slate quarries. Through all this bounty runs the Rokytka Brook, with its sweeping bends, freely meandering without any regulation.

The water has thus been allowed to carve out the kind of deep banks that are especially favoured by the "gemstone" among the wildlife of our latitudes - the rare Kingfisher bird. The most recent scientific survey recorded the occurrence of 22 mammal species and many unusual kinds of butterfly, birds, and plants.

Thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, an educational trail with six stations leads through the scenic landscape of this site. As part of the improvements made in 2012, the local ČSOP chapter Botič-Rokytka installed a new footbridge across the river, and thus made accessible a part of the way that was formerly closed to visitors - who can now walk on to the left bank of the Rokytka.

The trail is almost circular and measures 2.5 km in length. While the first part can also be accessed on bike or by parents with baby carriages, the second part leads through more challenging terrain on a narrow path, and is therefore reserved for walkers.

place:Nedvězí, Capital City of Prague
Way there:Take bus No. 267 from the Háje metro station on the C line and get off in Nedvězí u Prahy at the Hájová stop. GPS: N 50°1.04297', E 14°39.15172'
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