The Medník nature reserve lies about 15 km from Prague at an elevation of 416.5 m. ASL. In the midst of the scenic Sázava Valley, one of the oldest educational trails in the Czech Republic leads across the tree-covered slopes beneath the valley ridge.

In 2009, the local ČSOP chapter, Zvoneček, installed fourteen info panels, providing a comprehensive presentation of the Medník site. They were able to do so thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme. Hikers have the opportunity to read interesting facts about the local mixed beech forests, the importance of forest and trees, the type of habitat known as screed forest, geological curiosities, the history of tramping, rafting and hiking in the "Posázavský pacifik" area, and the endangered plant known as Dog's Tooth Violet, which in the Czech Republic is only found here at the Medník nature reserve.

(Not only) children will appreciate the opportunity to play an interactive game at the wellspring; for those who get tired from playing, or from taking in all the new information, a seating and resting place has been installed below the hilltop of Malý Medník.

place:Hradišťko, District of Praha-západ, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:The educational trail begins at the train station in Petrov u Prahy, and is marked with traditional green-and-white trail markers. GPS: N 49°52.76082', E 14°25.74165'
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