Kudlačena is a prime example of Wallachian sihla - piedmont peat meadow, which is otherwise a rarity in the Moravian-Silesian Beskid area. This unique waterlogged meadow has become the refuge of plants and animals that enjoy special protection, such as the Alpine Newt and the Viviparous Lizard. The site has been declared a natural monument.

A well can be found on-site that is ideal for taking a rest at and summoning the energy for the rest of one's walk. Hikers find detailed information on this unique spot on the information panels that were installed in 2009 with the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Horní Bečva, District of Vsetín, Zlín Region
Way there:Starting at the bus stop "Horní Bečva, hotel Valaška", yellow hiking trail markers lead in the direction of "Kladnatá - sedlo, rozc.". After 3 km, turn left at the signpost at the Kudlačena junction. You will reach the site after 100 m. GPS: N 49°25.85857
Practical information:

Endangered plants:

Lesser Butterfly-Orchid
Lesser Butterfly-Orchid

Endangered animals: