Jinošov Quarry

When production ceased in 1963 at this quarry for crystalline calcite (marble), which lies 3 km to the south of Vlašim, pools formed at the bottom and became home to numerous amphibians. However, with the passage of time, the quarry became overgrown with wind-propagated shrubs, turning it into an impenetrable jungle, and the pools disappeared. With the loving care of conservationists, the place is now returning to life.

The renaturation effort began in 2015, with the goal of restoring the local habitat. Wind-propagated shrubs were removed and two pools were dug into the bottom of the quarry (specifically with amphibians in mind).  The renaturation made sense, which was proven by the fact that several species of frogs and newts multiplied in the pools just in the first spring. Return of other species can be expected.

The quarry is also of mineralogical interest: here one can find the kind of minerals that are created when limestone comes into contact with magnesium mineral bands. Above all, we encounter vesuvianite (with brownish acicular crystal groups that are up to several centimetres in size). Occurrences of wollastonite and of the beautifully coloured diopside, grossular, pyrhotine and fluorite have also been reported.

As part of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, the local Vlašim chapter of the ČSOP has built a safe observation deck on the edge of the quarry in 2016, and installed three info panels about local nature, both living and abiotic. 

place:Vlašim, District of Benešeov, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:Follow signs for the red trail out of Vlašim, with the site being at a distance of 3 km. From the signpost for the hiking trail in Jinošov onwards, dedicated signs show the path to the site. GPS: 49°40'50.161
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