Natura in Green

The project Natura in Green – Management of Europe’s Special Areas of Conservation Influenced by Former Military Activities was carried out by the association Beleco (former civic association DAPHNE ČR - Institute of Applied Ecology) supported by the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme 2012 - 2013. The project focused on the restoration of biologically and geologically valuable biotopes at locations that in the past were influenced and shaped by military activities. The locations Načeratice Hill and Blšany Hillock have not seen any interference by troops since the 1990s. Their surfaces have begun to grow over and in the process have become biologically impoverished, but both still remain exceptionally valuable sites of their kind, with great prospects for restoration. That they have been elevated to sites of community importance within the Natura 2000 system is also proof of their value.

Natura in Green contributes to the following:

  • Restoring thermophilic, broad-leaved and steppe grass meadows and propagating animals endemic to such biotopes at the location Blšany Hillock in the county of Louny
  • Improving the condition of the open grasslands at Načeratice Hill - an elevated plain on the southeastern edge of Znojmo
  • Stabilizing the population of rare sand-loving plant and animal species
  • Raising awareness in the general public in terms of the importance of sites with exposed topsoil

Preserving species in their uniqueness and diversity and raising awareness in the field of nature conservation are part of the mission of NET4GAS Closer To Nature. The project was carried out with full support of all parties involved, including the regional governments of the Ústí and South Moravia regions.

More information on the project can be found right here on this website, in the sections devoted to the individual sites – Načeratice Hill and Blšany Hillock.