Zásmuky Pheasantry

The Zásmuky Pheasantry trail familiarises locals and tourists alike with the history of this game preserve - in particular, the raising of a stock of white stag kept as hunting trophies in the past, and an ancient oak tree known as Leopold. It also presents the animals and plants that keen observers can spot here. In spring, for instance, one finds lesser celandines, anemones, corydalis flowers, Stars-of-Bethlehem, and primroses. As for the animal world, the attentive nature-lover may notice the hermit beetle crawling up the bark of trees, and in the treetops of the old oaks, one can see bats, squirrels, and a number of cavity-nesting bird species.

Small visitors, in particular, will enjoy the opportunity to measure the length of their jump against that of various animals in the newly-installed jumping pit, put their knowledge of birds to the test with rotating signs, grasp the concept of the natural food chain thanks to an ingeniously designed brain-teaser, or play with a beetle mock-up. Together with their parents, they can peek into the Deer Tunnel, or climb the safe route above it to watch the brook as it runs through the gorge, or take a rest at the nearby seating area.

The preparatory work on this trail was done in 2014 by the local ČSOP chapter, including children from the group of Young Conservationists, with the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Zásmuky, District of Kolín, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:The pheasantry is found on the edge of Zásmuky, several hundred metres from the town centre, between the bus stop Zásmuky, žel.st. and the train station Zásmuky. GPS: N 49°57.67727', E 15°1.89223'
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