Třemešské rybníky Bird-Watch

The Třemešek fish ponds remind us that there existed a booming fish farming industry in Northern Moravia in the 17th century. They form a whole system of ponds, and as such are an important ecosystem in the Šumperk District. They are particular rich in endemic bird species, but are also of relevance for amphibians and other animal species. It is no coincidence that Dawn Chorus Day (a welcoming of birdsong) and the Autumnal Avian Festival both take place here.

The goal of the local Šumperk chapter of the ČSOP was to highlight the unique importance of this habitat for birds and amphibians for the region, and to acquaint the general public with the sheer diversity of wildlife at the site. This is why in 2013, it built a bird-watching deck (replete with information panel) on the shore of one of the three ponds with the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Dolní Studénky, District of Šumperk, Olomouc Region
Way there:From the town centre of Šumperk and from the train station, follow the blue hiking trail markers for about 3 km. The site can also be reached on cycling trail No. 6114. GPS: N 49°56.99760', E 16°59.52118'
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