Semanín Trail

Thanks to the local ČSOP chapter "Podorlicko" and to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, an educational trail was built in 2010 at Semanín (a village not far from Česká Třebová) at the foot of the forest-covered slope of the Kozlov Ridge. This trail transports visitors to a different world. The six-kilometre route, with its ten stations, introduces you to the mysterious realm of the orchids, leads you past the atonement stone, teaches you something about the local geology near the slate mining tunnels, recounts the history of Semanín as a municipality, and makes a detour to the former army shooting range, where many plant and animal species are found today.

A local curiosity is the Kneipp cure basin - i.e. a natural water-treading basin - which can be found along the educational trail.

place:Semanín, District of Ústí nad Orlicí, Pardubice Region
Way there:The trail begins in Semanín, a village 4 km from Česká Třebová. GPS: N 49°51.99900', E 16°26.97718'
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