Manor Rock

The natural monument "Panská skála" (Manor Rock) lies in the region of Brno near the village of Habrovany, where rock was quarried until 1975. After that, the quarry was left to be gradually taken over by nature. An aquatic system of interconnected stillwater pools came into being, which offers refuge to rare amphibian species, such as the Alpine Newt and the European Tree Frog.

Manor Rock is the connecting point between the Drahany Highlands and the Vyškov Gate. Geologists have found, for example, fossil castings of trilobite shells and calamite trunks in this region. In 1990, Manor Rock was declared a natural monument.

Two info panels that have been installed at the site inform visitors about the local fauna and flora, but also about the geological history of the place.

place:Habrovany, District of Vyškov, South Moravian Region
Way there:Follow the green hiking trail markers from Habrovany. GPS: N 49°13.89232', E 16°51.63408'
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