Few people would suspect untouched nature in the immediate neighbourhood of an industrial zone. And yet, the unique grove and wetland known as "Opičák" (Little Monkey) near Liberec Airfield is basically surrounded by a large town. The stillwater ponds (coveted by amphibian wildlife) and the surrounding trees provide comfort and nesting grounds for a large number of birds, among them the endangered Golden Oriole.

The site could be bought thanks to the "Room for Nature" fundraiser organised by the ČSOP. Since the autumn of 2007, a bird-watching post offers privileged views of the avian kingdom; it was built by the local chapter ČSOP Armillaria with the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Liberec, Liberec Region
Way there:The site is located on the edge of the Liberec Sever Industrial Zone. GPS: N 50°46.36923', E 15°1.54543'
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Endangered animals: