Mnichov Serpentinite

The surroundings of Křížky, and indeed the entire stretch of land between Prameny and Mnichov, is one of the most interesting parts of the Slavkov forests. It is here that we find the largest serpentinite complex in the Czech Republic - Mnichov Serpentinite.

Serpentinite is a rock composed of greyish-green serpentine minerals; its composition has a fundamental impact on the plant and animal communities that live where it is found. It is also responsible for the unique composition of the local mineral waters.

The educational trail that was installed here in 2008 by ČSOP Kladská thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme leads along the Grünská mineral spring, and visitors can thus take a sip and sample this excellent mineral water. Information panels tell visitors more about how serpentinite is mined and what it is used for.

The site is also important for a number of plant species that are endemic to this place and do not occur anywhere else. The rarest of them is Cerastrium alsinifolium, which is not to be missed.

place:Prameny, District of Cheb, Karlovy Vary Region
Way there:The educational trail begins at the national nature monument Upolínová louka, which is by the wayside between the municipalities Prameny and Nová ves. For part of the way, simply follow the green hiking trail markers. GPS: N 50°3.97690', E 12°44.82633'
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