Lačnov Crocuses

The area around the Wallachian municipality of Lačnov is a coveted pearl among botanists and flower-lovers, especially in spring when the local crocus meadows are in full bloom. The Giant Crocus, or Spring Crocus, is found in only a few spots across the Czech Republic, and nowhere in such quantities as here.

In 2013, within the context of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, four information panels were put up on the site, which call for protection of this much endangered plant and highlight its importance. As early as 1948, the municipality of Lačnov was declared a natural monument with the protection of these crocuses in mind. While Lačnov is geographically part of the foothills of the Vizovice Mountains, the nearby Lačnov Cliffs are a more accessible and natural destination for those who embark on a hike from the Lačnov town square. The Lačnov Cliffs are particularly popular among those who hike on foot, as they can be reached from the town centre on a straightforward route along the yellow hiking trail.

place:Lačnov, District of Vsetín, Zlín Region
Way there:Two crocus sites are right within the village borders, and two are on the outskirts. GPS: N 49°10.72055', E 18°0.85188'.
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