Hasina Valley

The Hasina Valley near Lipenec is a well-known natural monument. It was created by the small Hasina River through the ages, as it cut into the local marlstone. The carbonic soil at the site allows rare plant species flourish. The rocky spurs on the right bank of the Hasina are one of the best-known sites in the Czech Republic for finding Mesosoic plant fossils.

The educational trail has been conceived as a "gateway" of sorts to the history and present state of this natural monument. Thanks to the ČSOP and the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, the entrance area has as of 2008 a covered seating area, benches, and a swing for children, which makes it the ideal meeting point before embarking on a hike into the scenic Hasina Valley (or for a relaxing rest).

place:Lipenec, Lipno, District of Louny, Ústí nad Labem Region
Way there:The resting area can be found on the edge of the village of Lipenec. You cannot miss it if you take the road that leads from the village in the direction of Žatec. GPS: N 50°18.86982', E 13°41.68152'
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