Andrýsek's Trail

In prehistoric times, Fryšták and its surroundings were one of the most densely populated areas of the Zlín Region. This is well-demonstrated, for example, by a Neolithic settlement in the nearby Fryšták furrow. The edge of town neighbours on the natural park of Hostýn Hills, which includes an educational trail, built by ČSOP Čtyřlístek in 2008 thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme. The info panels along the trail draw a connection between the traces of history and the natural features found at the site today. Your guide on your stroll along the trail will be the legendary first citizen of Fryšták, Andrýsek.

The trail leads through the town centre past local sights, such as the authentic gothic foundations of St. Nicholas, Fryšták Castle and the Sichrov Hillock. The woodcut information panels are supplemented with drawings that illustrate how the various sites might have looked in ancient times. Along the trail, you will stop by the marvellous sundial on the facade of St. Nicholas, at one of a total of twelve stations on the 7-km route. In addition to interesting insights into the history of the town, the trail will also educate you on the natural environment at Hostýn Hills.

place:Fryšták, District of Zlín, Zlín Region
Way there:The trail begins in Fryšták on Náměstí Míru and ends on Velá Hill (526 m ASL), about one kilometre to the north of Vítová (a part of the town). GPS: N 49°17.07688', E 17°41.05458'
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