Dry Feet through Water

This short interactive trail leads through a system of small bodies of water – ponds that have been created in a waterlogged meadow, forming a natural extension of the visitors’ area of ‘Pasíčka’, a wildlife rescue station and environmental centre.

The ponds themselves are separated from one another by small embankments, on which interactive and educational installations have been erected that focus primarily on the ponds and their inhabitants.

Visitors who make the journey will first be greeted by the facilities of the local wildlife rescue station.  Walking around the shelter and down the hill, they come to the first pond with an info panel, and are invited to pull a scorecard from a box. Walking along the trail, visitors are quizzed on various matters and may enter their answers on the scorecard. What animals can be encountered locally? What are the various stages of amphibian development? Whose eyes and footprints are shown in the pictures? Those who take a good look around themselves might find that Mother Nature provides a lot of clues! All it takes is to be silent and watch, maybe from the wooden resting places installed around the ponds. If one is lucky, one may spot the kingfisher in flight, the grey heron as it hunts for aquatic prey, or the grass snake as it takes to the water, or hear the croaking of frogs. The last panel is for you to check whether you'd make a good biologist and observer of nature. The trail also features a canopied resting area and a fireplace. Visitors thus may not only engage in wildlife observation and test their environmental prowess, but also round off their visit by roasting sausages over an open fire.

The trail ‘Dry Feet through Water’ was created in 2016 by members of the local ČSOP chapter associated with the ‘Pasíčka’ wildlife rescue station and environmental centre, thanks to the kind support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Pasíčka, Chrudim District, Pardubice Region
Way there:From the parking lot near the Pasíčka wildlife rescue station, follow the marked trail for about 100 m; GPS: 49°48'58.687
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