Capartice Meadows

Capartice Meadows are among the most valuable meadowlands within the Český Les Protected Landscape Area. You will find daisies and buttercups here, but also marsh orchids, butterfly orchids, and twayblades. In spring and early summer, Capartice Meadows look particularly gorgeous: not only are the flowers in full bloom, but the air is abuzz with countless butterflies and birds.

The local educational trail, built in 2011 by ČSOP Sylva Lunae with the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, focuses on showing visitors the various ways in which water has been utilised in the region. The trail includes five info panels and a seating area, which puts visitors in immediate touch with the beauty of the local nature. A fully functional replica of a water mill provides for a nice distraction on your afternoon stroll, as does a mosaic puzzle with which anyone may play. The starting point of the educational trail is at the same time the point of departure for those who wish to climb atop Čerchov Hill.

place:Capartice, District of Domažlice, Pilsen Region
Way there:The trail begins at the parking lot in Capartice, near the bus stop Klenčí pod Čerchovem, Capartice. GPS: N 49°24.78198', E 12°47.35768'
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