Bošík’s Hazel Grouse Trail

This educational trail just outside Bošice, a municipality in the foothills of the Bohemian Forest, is dedicated to the protection of the hazel grouse, an endangered avian species.

The trail leads visitors into what is known as succession growth – a specific type of vegetation brought about naturally by airborne seeds of shrubs and woody plants. Such sites may look neglected at first glance, but they have their place in nature and often serve as a habitat for a variety of interesting plants and animals.

At six waystations (one of them within a new gazebo), visitors discover all sorts of interesting facts about local birds and plants, the maintenance of meadows and pastures, the renaturation of the local landfill, and of course about the hazel grouse. The eponymous bird accompanies visitors along the entire trail. The trail was created with smaller children in mind, with interactive play elements waiting for them at each station. Those who complete the trail may rest at the newly-built gazebo, where free worksheets are also available, providing additional fun and education for younger participants.

The “Bošík’s Hazel Grouse” educational trail was built in 2020 by the Bohemian Forest chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation, drawing upon the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme.

place:Bošice, District of Prachatice, Region of South Bohemia
Way there:The trail begins and ends on the southern outskirts of Bošice, on the slope of the hill known as Mařský vrch. The first trail markers can be found at the gazebo, which marks the starting point. GPS: 49.0842675N, 13.8438342E
Practical information:
Playing elements

Endangered animals:

Hazel Grouse
Hazel Grouse