Bludov Hillside

The Bludov Hillside is an intriguing natural feature to behold on the outskirts of Bludov, a spa town in the Jeseníky Foothills. Reminiscent of a primeval forest, it is home not only to generations of heritage trees, but also to rare plant and animal species.

Visitors who embark on the educational trail that was built in 2008 by the local ČSOP chapter with the support of the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme have the opportunity to see the principal points of interest of the municipality (including the chateau grounds) before they scale a hill called Brusná, which in fair weather offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape. Along the route, three panels provide basic information (at the chateau, at the train station, and at the crossroads near Our Lady's), and seven panels present interesting facts about the flora, geology, and history of Bludov.

place:Bludov, District of Šumperk, Olomouc Region
Way there:The trail begins at the edge of the Bludov Chateau grounds (which can in turn be reached following the red hiking trail markers). GPS: N 49°56.39978', E 16°55.84845'
Practical information:

Endangered animals: