Bělinský Valley

In the Bělinský Valley, one finds a broad variety of natural habitats, from steppes to meadows, wetlands and forests.

Meadow and steppe areas in particular, which were mainly maintained by pasture and other activities of local farmers in the past, have suffered from an overgrowth of weed trees in recent years, as traditional farming practices were abandoned. This changed in 2014, when the Náměstské rybníky chapter of the ČSOP began to take care of some of the land.

The newly built Bělinské údolí educational trail introduces the visitor to all this: to the variety of interesting species of plants and animals that can be found here, and to a variety of intriguing facts. The trail is made up of three parts – a shorter circuit (800 m), a medium circuit (1900 m) and a trail towards Čikovská Doubrava (5 km). 9 information panels have been placed along the trail, as well as a water-bird observation point, a viewing pier, and a resting place with benches.

place:Čikov, Třebíč District, Region of Vysočina
Way there:The entry panel is found in the southern part of Čikov, right off the local football pitch (49.2668864N, 16.1398225E).
Practical information:

individuals in wheelchairs (small circuit)

Endangered animals:

Red-backed Shrike
Author: Martina Kišelová
scarce fritillary
scarce fritillary