Zvole Hummock

Not far from the gates of the capital city, one comes upon an impressive rock formation – Zvolská Homole (the Zvole Hummock). The curiously coloured rock face above the river is not to be missed. Those visitors who arrive by train aboard the "Posázavský pacifik" in fact pass right through the rock, in what is the longest tunnel on this track.

Zvolská Homole is a nature reserve with numerous rare plant and insect species - with a bit of patience, visitors can spot them in the wild. The local educational trail, which in 2008 replaced an older trail that had long since fallen into disrepair, and which was built thanks to ČSOP Zvoneček and the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, tells visitors more about the geology of the Vltava Canyon, rock steppe vegetation, and the ecological importance of forests.

place:Zvole, District of Praha-západ, Central Bohemian Region
Way there:The first panel of the educational trail is found on the village square of Vrané nad Vltavou. Cycling trail A50 also leads through the village, and takes you to the trail (in the direction of Zvole). GPS: N 49°56.08440', E 14°25.03362'
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Endangered plants:

Lesser Butterfly-Orchid
Lesser Butterfly-Orchid

Endangered animals: