Poustka is a distinct hill structure based on conglomerate rock, which has become the refuge for a great variety of biotopes. Its name is presumably derived from the local hermitage (in Czech: pustevna), which was first recorded in 1722. The site-specific character is that of orchards, meadows, thickets, and groves on farmland terraces. Since 2000, Poustka is a registered biodiversity landmark. The task of caring for Poustka has fallen to the local Pozořice chapter of the ČSOP, and its members do so hand in hand with the staff at the Větrák Centre for Environmental Awareness Education.

Thanks to the NET4GAS Closer to Nature programme, four information panels and resting benches have been adding value to the site since 2010. Sitting on a bench and enjoying the great views of the surrounding countryside (you can watch the sun rise over the Hostýn Hills or watch it set behind the church of Pozořice), one is made aware of just how unique this site is.

place:Pozořice, District of Brno-venkov, South Moravian Region
Way there:The site lies to the southeast of Pozořice, a little way from the local school and soccer field. GPS: N 49°12.30505', E 16°48.00637'
Practical information: